Our History

Companies are judged by their accomplishments. How has it weathered the economic storms it has faced? What products has it delivered? What kind of impact have they had on the world? How has the company treated its employees? What is it doing for the environment? Where has it succeeded where others have failed? By all these measures, VOXX International is a successful company. Founded in 1965 by John Shalam, who remains the company chairman, VOXX International has grown from a small car stereo company to a major player in cellular telephones, to a consumer electronic company, to a significant acquirer of synergistic businesses.



  • VOXX International acquires premium audio company Klipsch Group, Inc
  • VOXX International launches new 'Distracted Driver' safety solutions for the automotive aftermarket
  • VOXX International enters personal sound amplifier market
  • VOXX International introduces industry's first automotive Blu-ray Disc player

  • Launch of FLO TV Auto Entertainment System to car dealer distribution network
  • Acquisition of Mobile Video Supplier INViSiON Industries
  • Rear Seat Entertainment System with PlayStation 2 Wins CEA Innovation Award
  • Four CEA Innovation Award winners at CES
  • Partnership with InstallerNet to launch Qualcomm's FLO TV through MERA members
  • Announcement of universal remote controls featuring voice, one-touch and SMARTCONTROL technology

  • VOXX International to supply Chrysler dealers with the first OE release of the FLO TV Auto Entertainment System
  • Chairman and Founder, John Shalam inducted into the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame
  • Acquisition of German accessories leader SCHWAIGER
  • VOXX International and FLO TV to offer live in-vehicle TV through National Network of more than 12,000 new car dealers
  • In-Vehicle mobile TV to become a reality with FLO TV
  • Eight CEA Innovation Awards
  • Expansion of in-car mobile entertainment options featuring PlayStation 2 systems
  • Acoustic Research wins popular science Best of What's New award
  • Advent's Quick Connect Mobile Video Headrest wins CEA's 2009 Innovations Honoree Award
  • Advent introduces industry's front-or-rear obstacle-sensing parking system that learns and adjusts to specific obstacles on the vehicle
  • VOXX International reinforces leadership in remote controls with innovative product introductions at 2009 CES

  • Launch of RCA multi-directional flat antenna for pinpoint pickup of free over-the-air digital TV signals
  • Incaar wins OEM contracts for rear-seat entertainment systems for Porsche, Toyota and BMW
  • Unveiling of 'Surface' eco-friendly cleaning and care products for consumer electronics line-up
  • Filing of patent infringement suit against Invision Industries Inc.
  • Expansion of Mexico facility to support growth
  • Receipt of OEM rear-seat entertainment contracts from Daimler Chrysler and next generation headrest system from Toyota
  • VOXX International enters new market — internet radio — leveraging RCA's number one market share in clock radios
  • RCA Small Wonder camcorders and MP3 players placed in major national retail chains
  • VOXX International and Universal Electronics Inc. enter into strategic relationship to market accessory products
  • Shipping of Home Base, a unique digital picture frame designed for the homes hub — The kitchen commences
  • License secured for Energizer brand rechargeable power packs and other power products in Central and South America
  • Transaction completed to acquire Thomson's consumer electronics audio/video business-featuring the RCA brand

  • Patrick Lavelle named Chairman of Consumer Electronics Association
  • 2007 Popular Science Best of What's New Award in home entertainment
  • 12 CEA Innovation awards, the most in the company's history
  • Definitive agreement to acquire Technuity, owners of the Energizer brand
  • Acquisition of Thomson's consumer electronics audio/video business outside Europe, including worldwide rights to the RCA consumer electronics A/V product lines
  • Acquisition of Incaar, Ltd., enhancing its multi-media offering throughout Europe
  • Appointment of Tom Malone President of Audiovox Electronics Corporation
  • Acquisition of Oehlbach Kabel GmbH, a leading high-end accessories company in Europe
  • VOXX International wins contract from General Motors to provide bi-directional transmitter for vehicles equipped with GM factory remote starts; Audiovox Venezuela awarded OE contract to provide car audio systems for GM Aveo
  • Acquisition of Thomson Americas consumer electronics accessory business, including RCA
  • Terk takes wireless to the next level with new accessory offering
  • Launch of Rock-n-Road portable navigation system featuring XM satellite radio and real-time traffic
  • Introduction of the first wireless home theatre system under Acoustic Research
  • VOXX International enters the digital picture frame market

  • CEA Innovation awards for Home Décor line, Terk HD Radio antennas and XM Mini-Tuner
  • VOXX International and XM Satellite Radio unveil XM Express Radio; introduce XM Passport, the first 'mini' tuner
  • Addition of new Sirius Satellite radio system for vehicle and home applications
  • Expansion of consumer digital multi-media product line with converged solutions
  • VOXX International wins mobile video headrest program with Mercedes-Benz
  • Launch of Home Décor speaker system under Acoustic Research
  • XM Smart Digital Adapter is selected as Innovations Honoree by Consumer Electronics Association
  • Announcement of 2 million share buyback program; reinforces commitment to enhancing shareholder value

  • Appointment of Patrick Lavelle as President and Chief Executive Officer
  • VOXX International and XM Satellite Radio introduce smart digital adaptor that delivers XM to any vehicle with RDS
  • Patent infringement suit against Epsilon Electronics is won
  • VOXX International and XM Satellite Radio unveil revolutionary Xpress plug-and-play receiver; smallest unit on market
  • Launch of Phase Linear by Jensen for mobile market
  • Unveiling of new Jensen amplifier and speaker lines
  • Introduction of SkyBox mobile video satellite RV antenna system
  • Expansion of Sirius satellite radio product line with new models
  • Introduction of exclusive expeditor mobile video line under Advent brand
  • Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase Honoree Award for Mobile Video Shuttle System
  • iPod Mobile Interface Kit puts iPod on the road
  • Completion of acquisition of Terk Technologies; company expands satellite radio product offering and enters accessories market

  • Cellular subsidiary sold to UTStarcom, Inc. for $165 million
  • Patrick Lavelle elected Vice-Chairman of Consumer Electronics Association
  • VOXX International and AT&T Wireless launch smallest Windows mobile-based smartphone - SMT5600
  • VOXX International and SED International form partnership to deliver electronics products with SED Line Card
  • VOXX International and Virgin Mobile USA expand youth-minded handset portfolio with VOX8610 flip phone
  • Introduction of first plasma TV's; company also enters hand-held TV market
  • Launch of first new Jensen and Advent home audio products since acquisition
  • Partnership with MobileToys to provide installation services for Jensen customers
  • Car and home Sirius Satellite Radio Shuttle System scores big with retailers
  • Introduction of the industry's first headrest video system with a built-in DVD player
  • VOXX International's Code Systems named key supplier of remote engine start systems for Mazda North America and Daimler Chrysler Corporation's Mopar division

  • VOXX International enters the flat panel TV market
  • Distributing of cordless telephones begins
  • Expansion of navigation product lines
  • Delivery of CDM-8500 handset to support Metro PCS 3G network
  • Merchandising Vendor Excellence Award from Circuit City
  • Partnership with Siemens VDO Automotive to support Avis' Satellite Guidance Systems
  • Acquisition of Jensen, Advent and Acoustic Research audio brands from Recoton Corporation; company enters international market through purchase of Recoton German Holdings GmbH
  • VOXX International and Sprint offer combination video and camera phone — VM4050
  • New building in Hauppauge, N.Y. purchased to support growth

  • Acquisition of assets of Code-Alarm Inc. and Vehicle Security Company
  • Launch of Pocket PC with Microsoft format
  • Toshiba increases investment in ACC to 25%
  • VOXX International enters satellite radio market with products in both XM and Sirius formats
  • Sprint added to marketing partners on the PDA products
  • First color screen phone debuts
  • Partnership with Buena Vista entertainment on Disney promotion

  • Announcement of first GMRS/GPS two way radio
  • VOXX International reaches leadership position in mobile video market
  • Portable DVD players gain number 3 market share
  • VOXX International ranked number 1 in CDMA handsets

  • Trading moved to Nasdaq
  • Announcement of contract with Nissan North America for model year
  • VOXX International forms Audiovox Electronics Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary for the marketing of consumer and mobile electronics products
  • Company added to Russell 2000
  • OE contract to supply mobile video for FORD 2001 models
  • Introduction of first MP3 player
  • Completion of follow on stock offering and increases public float by 2 million shares

  • Company reaches $1 billion in sales with 88% increase over 1998
  • ACC sales increase 110%; Audiovox Electronics sales increase 31%
  • ACC ranked number 3 overall and number 2 in CDMA in wireless market
  • Toshiba invests 5% equity investment in ACC
  • ACC ships first TDMA handset
  • ACC introduces GSM phones for international use
  • Electronics Division introduces first web related product: MP3 player
  • FRS radios gain 20% market share
  • Announcement of follow on stock offering

  • ACC ships first CDMA digital handset
  • VOXX International introduces FRS (Family Radio Service) 2-way radios

  • Sale of first aftermarket mobile video system

  • ACC sells 1 million handsets
  • VOXX International enters consumer electronics marketplace with first line of home and portable stereos
  • 'VOXX International' brand licensed for first time
  • Conversion of subordinated debentures

  • Audiovox Communications Corp. is formed as wholly owned subsidiary
  • Subordinate debentures issued

  • Company splits into two marketing groups: Wireless and electronics
  • ACC introduces Minivox, the company's first lightweight portable

  • First portable cellular telephone shipped

  • VOXX International IPO. listed as VOX on American Stock Exchange

  • Cellular market entered with first mobile unit; strategic supply alliance formed with Toshiba Corp.
  • Vehicle security market entered

  • First $100 million sales year

  • VOXX International (formerly Audiovox Corporation) founded by John J. Shalam - and introduces the first aftermarket car stereos

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