Corporate Strengths

The VOXX family of brands.

We believe the "VOXX" portfolio of brands is one of our greatest strengths. It offers us a significant opportunity for increased market penetration. Today, we have over 30 global brands in our portfolio, which provides us with the ability on bringing to market products under brands that consumers know to have high quality. Additionally, with having such an extensive brand portfolio, we can successfully manage channels and sell into multiple outlets, as well as leverage relationships with distributors, retailers, after-market car dealers, expeditors, and to global OEMs. Finally, we are open to new opportunities on licensing particular brands as an additional use of the names and growth strategy.

Our blue chip customer base.

We manufacture market and supply products through an extensive range of big box retailers, specialty mass merchandise channels, and maintain a longstanding customer relationship with most of the world's leading Tier 1 automotive OEMs. Within our Automotive segment, our global OEM customers include but are not limited to Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, DAF Daimler, Peugeot, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, General Motors Corporation, Toyota, Kia, Mazda, Subaru, Nissan, Porsche, and Bentley. We have a strong global retail and online presence in our Premium Audio segment that includes the following clients Best Buy, Apple, Amazon. Additionally, we have a growing professional and commercial installation business that includes Hard Rock Hotel, Regal Entertainment Group, and Malco Theatres. Furthermore, we sell to retail customers in our Consumer Accessories segment that includes Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, Costco, and Kmart, along with an expanding group of hardware customers such as The Home Depot, True Value, Ace Hardware, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Lowe's.

Innovative technology capabilities and a robust pipeline of new products.

We invested in R&D and have a staff of over 300 engineers dedicated to product development. We use a mix of internal and external R&D, manufacturing, and several valuable trademarks, copyrights, patents, domain names, and other intellectual property. Through our increased focus on R&D, we have built a pipeline of new products across all three of our operating segments and continue new developments.

Strong management team.

Our Chairman John Shalam, President and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Lavelle, Chief Financial Officer Michael Stoehr, Chief Operating Officer Loriann Shelton, and many senior executives have been with VOXX International for several decades, which bring stability to our organization.

Additionally, the presidents from each of the company's subsidiaries have an extensive amount of experience within their markets. We believe them to be unique in the industry, and this sets us apart from the competition, regardless of the market.

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